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At EKN Development Group, we are always expanding our real estate portfolio through self-developed projects while actively pursuing new opportunities through property acquisition.  EKN Development Group’s reputation has facilitated EKN Development Group to establish solid affiliations to work with principals, owners, and the brokerage community to source acquisitions from an array of commercial investment opportunities and types that include:

  • Retail
  • Hotel
  • High-density
  • Residential
  • Mixed-use
  • Office development

We have the expertise to evaluate assets and respond to property owners in an expeditious manner. Our team has the experience to structure financial programs that lend themselves to successful completion of acquisition transactions to help property owners achieve their financial objectives based on the merits of the property. Our experience in commercial real estate allows us to assume ownership of viable commercial products and quickly and efficiently.

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To present a qualified submittal to EKN Development Group for acquisition, please contact us at: 

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